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About The Company

Guala Closures DGS Poland SA is a world-class manufacturer of a wide range of closures for glass containers.

We offer two product groups: PilferProof caps for the food and pharmaceutical industries and ScrewCapp closures for wine.

 The company also designs and builds machines for the production and decoration of PilferProof caps, and for printing and lacquer-coating metal sheets.

Since its foundation in 1991, DGS SA has become the largest manufacturer in Poland and one of the largest manufacturers of aluminium closures in the world. We have produced over 10 billion PilferProof caps since our establishing and 1.5 billion TwistOff caps since year 2000. Long-term contracts with the biggest producers of alcoholic beverages and food, both in Poland and abroad, confirm the quality of our products. All our closures have the necessary certificates for contact with food and beverages and are manufactured in accordance with international standards. DGS SA holds the following Integrated Management System certificates: ISO 9001:2000; 14 001; 18 001; 22 000 and HACCP.

We export a significant percentage of our closures to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Western Europe and the United States, and supply wine producers in Australia and New Zealand.

Our extensive experience allows us to offer the highest quality products and finishes.Our customers praise our professional service and flexible delivery dates. Our specialists are constantly introducing innovative technology and solutions, allowing us to offer our customers modern, safe and environmentally friendly products.

In October 2011, Guala Closures International, Italian multinational and global leader in the manufacture of aluminium screw caps for wine, oil and spirits,  completed the acquisition, from private equity fund Polish Enterprise Fund VI, L.P., of 70% of DGS SA. The remaining 30% will remain under the ownership of Krzysztof Grzadziel – the current chairman of the board and shareholder in the company.

A current name of the company, being in force from 26th October 2011, is Guala Closures DGS Poland S.A.