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Pilfer Proof

zpp2 Aluminium PilferProof caps allow for the tight closing and easy opening of bottles containing alcoholic beverages, mineral water and medicines. The special design of the closures guarantees that the product has not been tampered with.

We print logos or other designs onto the sheet metal in one or more colours before manufacturing the closures. The sides are printed in any number of colours using the dry offset process, or silk-screen printed in up to two colours including gold. At our customers’ request we can apply high-gloss lacquer coating on all or part of the closure, embossed and shaved relief lettering or other designs on the sides.

We also offer special techniques of printing inside the closure lining, and can use paints that are visible only in ultra-violet light. By making our closures more distinctive these solutions can provide added security, which is especially important in the alcoholic beverages market.

zpp1 DGS SA has recently introduced PilferProof Premium – a new line of innovative aluminium closures with hermetically sealed threaded plastic inserts which are especially designed for the spirit industry.

Originality of the products is achieved thanks to a new structure of the items that has very individual character. These aluminium closures with hermetically sealed threaded plastic inserts give elegance and modernity to the most prestigious brands. Answering an ongoing need to enhance packaging, the closures show no threads after sealing thus providing a perfect printing surface and comfortable opening.